I could discover a very nice and friendly country and I am very grateful for it” – those were the written words by the the Hungarian delegate, Mr. Tóth Ferenc, to classify the 10th ENPP Meeting held in Alcáçovas and Évora Monte (Portugal), on May 26 and 27.

In fact, the delegations from several European countries had the opportunity to contact with Portuguese reality (and the Alentejo way of welcoming people). On arrival at the village of Alcáçovas the delegates were received by the Mayor of Viana do Alentejo and the Mayor of the Civil Parish of Alcáçovas and during the reception ceremony they attended a small demonstration of “Cante Alentejano”, World Intangible Heritage by UNESCO, performed by the “Unity and Peace Group” of Alcáçovas. After the first working session the delicacies of the Alentejo cuisine were highly appreciated, with a highlight for a beautiful tomato soup served during lunch.

In the afternoon, shortly after the last working session, the delegations visited Henriques’ Palace which was recently recovered by the Municipality of Viana do Alentejo, the “Jardim das Conchas” and one of the jewels of the village’s patrimony – the “Manufacture of Rattles” – also classified as a World Intangible Heritage by UNESCO.

The following day was the turn of Évora Monte and its imposing Castle, National Heritage. Here delegations attended the Official Session of the Commemorations of the 183 Years of the Convention of Évora Monte and a music concert by the “Trio of Flutes” of the Department of Music of University of Évora School of Arts.

After a lunch in a paradisiacal place where the dogfish soup was the queen, the delegations headed to the city of Évora where for some hours they had the opportunity to appreciate the monumentality of this World Heritage city by UNESCO. Several visits of interest in Viana do Alentejo such as the Castle and the Sanctuary of No. Ms. D’Aires,  a Farewell Dinner and a concert of the event “Pedreira dos Sons”, organized by the Municipality of Viana do Alentejo with the collaboration of the University of Évora ended the stay of the ENPP delegations in Alentejo, Portugal.