The reason

Why is Vasvár a Place of Peace

On August 8, 1664 was signed the Peace of Vasvár, which ended the Austro-Turkish War after the defeat of the Ottoman army in the Battle of St. Gotthard on 1 August of the same year and which opened a new relationship between the two major European empires in the seventeenth century.

Discover the Peace House.

The renovated Peace House, where the Peace Treaty of Vasvár was signed in 1664 after the Battle of Szentgotthárd. Originally, this building was the official residence of the chapter of Vasvár’s collegiate church. Katalin Makrai, the Olympic bronze medal winner gymnast, was born in this house. Nowadays in the Peace House there are programmes and exhibitions.

Experience the history of Vásvar.

The most important monument of the town of Vasvár is the complex of the Dominican church and monastery, serving today both profane and sacred purposes. It hosts the museum and the accommodation for pilgrims. The museum features the material of the history of the Dominican order, a medieval country history exhibition, but also the heritage of the sculptor, Richárd Török.

Be a pilgrim in Szentkút.

From the middle of the 19th century, Vasvár became well-known for its pilgrimage places linked to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The ancient pilgrimage place Szentkút is welcoming visitors in a beautiful natural environment with a little chapel, carved Stations of the Cross and perfectly clear spring water. Thousands of pilgrims visit this holy place on the occasion of the Feast of the Assumption in August, or come for the Feast of Mary’s Name Day in he beginning of September.

How to arrive


Vasvár is located on the Western border of Hungary. It was an important town in the Middle Ages as the center of Vas County.

The town is easily accessible by the M7 motorway then the number 8 highway directly from Budapest. From Vienna tourists have to follow the road S31 in Austria and after crossing the border the road number 87. Vasvár is also accessible by public transport (train, bus).

What to Eat

Discover the delicacies of Vasvár

The Dominikáner cake brings the notes of the Dominican order. The black and the white colors symbolize the wear of the order and the coat of arms. The star is also a symbol of the Dominican order.

Fukszberger family has been involved in beekeeping since 1978. At the moment they work with 280 families in their apiaries in Vasvár and Gersekarát. Apart from making brand honeys, they offer special manufactured flavoured and herb enriched honeys, along with propolis and farina. After a previous registration guests can visit their apiary and taste, or buy honey.

Strudel filled with cabbage or poppy seed is a typical dessert not just in Vasvár but in the whole region.

Things to Do

Be active around Vasvár

  • Refresh yourself in the Spa

  • Experience Hungarian folk at Oszkó

  • Be one with nature along the river Rába

  • The Spa welcomes guests in a unique atmosphere and its three pools with water circulation satisfy the needs of both the old and the young. The crystal clear water of the thermal – baby- and swimming-pool with stretched water surface originates from a depth of 2.370 metres. 

  • Oszkó is located 6 km from Vasvár and definitely worths a visit. Viniculture has several centuries long traditions in Oszkó and its surrounding areas. Traditional press houses with thatched roofs and different kinds of walls made of clay and wood. Walking along the Mountain Shepherds’ cellars visitors can familiarise with traditional Hungarian folk architecture.

  • Making tours, taking a walk and enjoying the fresh air and the closeness of nature, because these are irreplaceable for body and soul. The romantic river, Rába, runs winding throught the area. This reach is especially suitable for water tours. Alongside the river there are well developed landing stages and friendly hosts. Rába is also perfect for fishing lovers with the huge variety of fishes.

Where to Stay

Relax after the visit

Hegyhát Gyöngye Panzió

The double-bed rooms with TV and an own bathroom can be equipped with extra-beds. There is a kitchen to the three rooms.


6. Járdányi Street, Vasvár, H-9800

Contact Info
Phone:  +36 94 573 140; +36 30 276 5626

Vaskapu Fogadó

The Vaskapu Rest-house is in the heart of the town in the vicinity of the Dominican monastery and church. All five double-bed rooms have a TV and a bathroom. The hall with a tea-kitchen is ideal for group events.

7.Bartók Béla Street, Vasvár, H-9800

Contact Info
Phone: +36 94 573 140; +36 30 276 5626

Vasvár-Nagymákfai Erdei Iskola és Turistaház

The tourist house provides space for 25 people. Guests can be accommodated in 2 rooms for 10 with bath, 1 room for 3 with bath and 1 room for 2 with bath, there is an additional TV-room.

32.Nagymákfa Street, Vasvár, H-9800

Contact Info
Phone: +36 94 370 059; +36 30 309 2440

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    Alkotmány u. 1.
    Vasvár, 9800

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