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“PLACES OF PEACE ROUTE – The European Peace Heritage Tourism” is a virtual route stretching from Portugal to Bulgaria, linking the places in Europe where peace treaties were signed, identifying and promoting them with the objective of developing the spirit and the culture of peace among European populations, especially young people and to increase the number of visitors around this Intangible Heritage.

More than 200 sites are known in Europe, covering almost all the current European countries, which throughout history attended the signing of peace treaties that ended wars but also provided the advent of extended periods of social and economic development of regions, countries or kingdoms to which they belong. PLACES OF PEACE ROUTE selects for its members the peace treaties involving the peoples of the regions where were signed, which are an integral part of the collective memory of those people and its institutions as Intangible Cultural Heritage, which are already being used or are interested in being used as a means of its tourism promotion and conducting regular celebrations on the dates that have been signed, regardless of the current population and urban dimension of those places.

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