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Certification of “Places of Peace Route” as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe entered the second phase of the evaluation process

Following the submission of Places of Peace Route application dossier for Cultural Route of the Council of Europe on 30 July, the Secretariat of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes (EPA) informed the Borad of ENPP and the management of the Route that the documentation submitted complies with the criteria established by the Council […]

„Call for Papers” of the „Places of Peace Conference” opens

In a joint organization of the European Network of Places of Peace, the Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism of the University of Bologna and the CIDEHUS of the University of Évora, the 1st Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference on the theme „Places of Peace: Making Europe throughout Peace Treaties” already has a date set for […]

VASVÁR (Hungary) commemorated its „Day of Peace”

The Municipality of Vasvár, member of ENPP,  organizes every year on August the „Day of Peace” in memory of the peace treaty signed on 10th August 1664, after the victory over the Ottoman-turkish army forces, and this year’s Day of Peace was held on 15th August, 2020. The aim of this event was to present […]

Peace Treaty of Alcáçovas (Portugal) was signed 541 years ago

Today, 541 years have passed since the signing on September 4, 1479, at Paço dos Henriques, in Alcáçovas (Portugal), of the Peace Treaty between the crowns of Castile and Portugal which  ended the War of the Succession of the Kingdom of Castile. This important treaty was also responsible for defining for the first time the […]


The COVID-19 epidemic spread across Europe and the world, infecting millions of people and reaching hundreds of thousands of fatalities. During the most severe period of the pandemic, life stopped in most European countries with profound restrictions on the movement of people, confinements at home, commercial and industrial activity and social life reduced to historic […]

Association of Altranstädt (Germany) distributes community masks

The members of the Association for the Promotion of Altranstädt Castle (Förderverein Schloß Altranstädt e.V.) in Germany, a founding member of ENPP, distributed more than 200 community masks produced by their own means to the local population. The masks were fully sewn by the ladies who are members of the Association and all of them […]


On 24th of April, the members of European Network of Places of Peace met by videoconference to discuss various issues related to the present and future activity of the Network, with the participation of representatives of the Network’s locations in Portugal, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania. The members of the Network unanimously approved […]