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ENPP is a European network  of places where peace treaties or capitulations were signed, represented by its public and private institutions. These places are aware of the historical often tragical events and commemorate them. With the mandate of a past of wars the members of ENPP work together to build a culture of peace and to promote those places based on its common historical and Intangible Heritage – The PEACE.

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PEACE TOUR - ALCÁÇOVAS/ EVORAMONTE (Portugal) will be launched on June 16

The Peace Tour - Alcáçovas/Évora Monte (Portugal), an initiative of the European Network of Places of Peace and the Municipality of Viana do Alentejo operated by the tour operator RSI-Viagens, Estremoz, will make its inaugural trip on Saturday,…


Following a tradition from 2000, the Evoramonte Castle Friendship Association(LACE) promotes next Saturday, May 26, the Commemorations of the 184 Years of the Signature of the Convention of Évora Monte. The program includes a public session…

Romanian MEP Claudia Tapardel sent a message to the 11th ENPP Meeting

Claudia Tapardel, a Romanian MEP who is a member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament and of the St. James Ways and Other Cultural Routes Intergroup of the same Parliament sent a recorded message to the 11th ENPP…

11th ENPP Meeting defends European values

The defense of European values, the future projects of the Network and the election of the new Managing Bodies of the Association dominated the 11th  Meeting of the European Network of Places of Peace held on 4 and 5 May at the Cotroceni Museum…

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